The Islamic Arts Festival 21st Edition - HORIZON - is taking place from December 19th 2018 to January 19th 2019, featuring 47 artists from 14 countries around the world. (The event is being held at the Emirate of Sharjah). LUCENT exhibited a new lighting installation "SOL / LUNA"

At the center of the space is a symbolic sun-like object called “SOL” (diameter approximately 1m). The object is an origami-esque creation using thousands of random three-dimensional prisms. It was conceptualized with the image of lights having both strength and delicacy. It illuminates the space through self-emitting lights that rotate in all directions. Numerous rainbow prisms are generated by external light, covering the white sand floor. The space expresses the surface of a planet in the universe.

A Crescent object, “LUNA” floats around the sun creating a gorgeous and elegant impression. Luna is connected to the six elements expressing the phase of the moon and the concept of time.

The light of “SOL” emits dynamic, powerful brightness, while “LUNA” encloses a static delicate brilliance. “SOL” and “LUNA” display change and contrast of appearance, which show that modern “beauty” transcends, time, borders, and spirituality.

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Sharjah Art Museum
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Takahiro Matsuo / Fumiko Kawabe (LUCENT. Inc)
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