Astron Holographic Display 2015

Holographic display for SEIKO ASTRON. Version 3 of the exhibition that started in 2012. Being aware of ASTRON’s advanced functional beauty and the sense of floating that is peculiar to holograms, images overflowing with a sense of solidity and depth are expressed to produce a voyage through space-time by means of a digital world. The watch-stand, with its specially designed polyhedrons, is an abstract design in the form of a ship.

The work produced for the Baselworld 2015 held in Switzerland was later featured as a promotion window in countries worldwide.

Year | 
Place | 
Messe Basel
Exhibition | 
Baselworld 2015
Client | 
Seiko Watch Corporation
Collaborator | 
Visual : Masafumi Tanaka Music : Akira Takahashi
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