Beauty in Motion

In this art space, robot arms produce visuals, interaction and music. It is comprised of four scenes in which the subtle movements of the robot arms are beautifully synchronized with visuals.
Each scene is inspired by lights and natural phenomena, using huge panoramic visuals to immersing those who experience the scene.

Scene development
"SYNCHRONEITY": an advanced digital performance synchronizing robots and lights
"PLAY WITH BUTTERFLY": an interactive performance in which robots play with light butterflies
"DYNAMICS": interactive visuals featuring play with infinite lights whose physics calculations are made in real-time
"RESONANCE": interactive visuals in which lines of light and sounds resonate with touch panel control

Year | 
Place | 
Client | 
Mitsubishi Electric
Collaborator | 
archiroidLLC, Shohei Matsukawa Lab(000Lab) at KEIO SFC
Music | 
Akira Takahashi
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