Panasonic Museum "History Wall"

For the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Panasonic. We have created an "Interactive History Wall" at Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity in Panasonic Museum that is 1600mm in width and in 8K.
It begins with a 3D sound and picture show that sails through the 100 years history of Panasonic.
The system which is named "Product Flow" enables the viewer to dynamically interact with the show by reacting to wind as well as the breath of the viewer. This experience was made possible by the "Air Sensor Bar" that we created originally for the show.
This is an informative and interactive work of art that gives the viewer a unique intimate experience.

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Panasonic Museum
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Visual : Masafumi Tanaka + Yuji Kokubo Sensor Device : KOA Corporation
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