SHISEIDO Makeup 4 Texture Rooms

Takahiro Matsuo × SHISEIDO TEAM101 designed the Four Texture rooms: “POWDERS,” “INKS,” “GELS,” and “DEWS” that were displayed at the “New SHISEIDO Makeup Presentation” held at TOLOT on August 1st, 2018.

Bubbles and fog light up the stage area. Cushy smoke rises into the air invoking the feeling of light powder on the skin.

Swaying fabric hung around the display space can be illuminated with a pen like device enabling the participant to create an ink-esque graphic.

An image of red gel is projected around the display space. When the participant sits on the gel-like bench sounds can be heard conjuring a comfortable and relaxing feeling.

When the observer enters the display area, innumerable lights shine down and intertwine with the melody of music meant to express dance-like movements and facial embellishments.

Year | 
PLace | 
Creative Director | 
Rikiya Uekusa (SHISEIDO TEAM 101)
Art direction & Design | 
Keisuke Hori / Eriko Kobayashi (SHISEIDO TEAM 101) / Takahiro Matsuo (LUCENT)
Produce | 
NS Corporation
Cooperator | 
Photos | 
Nacasa & Partners