Enoshima "Luminous Way"

Renewal project for escalators and escalators following the Enoshima Observation Deck. This is the first renewal project for Japan's first outdoor escalator, which was created in 1959.

Each of the two escalators in total is equipped with a seamless sea-themed projection image. The escalators' path up the mountainside to the observation deck is called the "Luminous Way," meaning that the escalators' path becomes one shining path with spatial images.

The prismatic and blue-colored jellyfish were collected from the ocean and filmed in 8K. By extracting the living form and abstracting it like CG, the reality, texture, and motion of nature and living creatures are reflected in every detail.

Year | 
Place | 
Enoshima Escalator
Client | 
Enoshima Electric Railway Co.
Lighting | 
Color Kinetics Japan
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