The Pool of Memories

This installation is exhibited in the science lab of the closed Oakasawa branch school. Based on the photos of an old album left in the principal's office, we brought back memories of the past times to the present.
There are photos of a clay pool built 51 years ago, an old school building, and the lively expressions of the children remaining in the album. The installation displays the pool, the school's symbol of former days, as a memory storage box. It uses light holography to project the fragmental recollections of old times onto the surface of water. The pool was replicated to a smaller size using the same clay from Oakasawa. We designed a collage with archival photographs and handouts on the former blackboard and created a space where the symbolic pool makes visitors nostalgic for the old times.

Year | 
Place | 
Former Tsunan Elementary School Oakasawa Branch
Exhibition | 
Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2022
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