Clé de Peau Beauté Holiday Collection "KIMONO DREAM"

Passion, strength, gentleness and charm.
The expressions of inner beauty selected to define the theme for the 2019 Clé de Peau Beauté holiday collection are expressed as a progression of four dreamscape installations.


A beautiful yuzen pattern is projected onto the curved cloth surface in the image of an obi, a belt-like kimono band, adorning the entryway. Blow on the lipstick and an air sensor triggers a gentle soothing dance of falling plum blossom petals, flowing in a soft flutter as if scattered in a soft, passionately guiding breeze.


The special type of glass used here is the secret behind this installation featuring aerial images that you’ll want to reach out and touch. Turn your eyes to the plum blossoms emerging out of the darkness from various angles – a visual metaphor for dignified, internal strength.


Using transparent underwater screens, this instillation has a refreshing atmosphere with projected goldfish coexisting alongside prismatic water lilies.
Bring your hand near one of the goldfish swimming in the water and watch it turn to swim away in a shining gold trail disappearing below the surface.


True-to-life wisteria flowers created from traditional Japanese washi paper are arranged in a pure white circle representing the delicate charm and gentleness of light.
Touching the compact in the center causes the flowers’ internal hue to gradually shift from purple to autumnal shades, taking you on a journey through both emotions and seasons.

Year | 
Place | 
Creative Direction | 
Momoko Kishino / Rena Uemura (SHISEIDO)
Produce | 
NS Corporation
Art Installation | 
Takahiro Matsuo (LUCENT)
Space Design | 
Photos | 
Nacasa & Partners