Haneda Airport Terminal 2 "TOKYO AIR"

Like clouds and wind floating and blending in the air, the light conjures the endlessly changing Tokyo sky.
It bears the dynamism of Japanese sensibility in its recurrence of subtlety and generosity,
and the aesthetic sense of Japan that evokes seasons of showering blossoms, rolling waves, autumn winds and winter skies.

In the grand light installation, as if itself distant scenery, countless objects create the streamlined silhouettes of clouds and wind.
What emerges is a vast sky, the expression of which changes endlessly through gradations of light and color. As you approach,
you can experience the pleasant shifts in light and color, like the blue sky and shadows of clouds.

Year | 
Place | 
Tokyo International Airport Terminal 2
Client | 
Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
Photos | 
Nacasa & Partners