A lighting installation based on the sun and moon.
The concept behind the symbolic “SOL” object is that of light itself, combining power and subtlety, illuminating the entire space with the light it emits while also casting countless prismatic lights. The “LUNA” object, a suspended new moon orbiting the sun, appears to wax and wane with the effects of six elements. The ground is covered with grit and the surface of the moon catches prismatic light from the object.

“SOL”, which emits dynamic, powerful brilliance, and “LUNA”, which contains static brilliance, combine timeless modern beauty and spirituality thanks to the contrast between their existence and their appearance.

Exhibited at Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival 21th – HORIZON – in the emirate of Sharjah on the outskirts of Dubai.

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Sharjah Art Museum
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Takahiro Matsuo / Fumiko Kawabe (LUCENT. Inc)
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