# prism installation

"SOL / LUNA" is a captivating lighting installation inspired by the sun and moon.

The "SOL" object symbolizes light itself, blending strength and subtlety as it illuminates the entire space with its radiance while casting myriad prismatic lights.
Suspended in orbit around the "SOL," the "LUNA" object represents the new moon, appearing to wax and wane under the influence of six elements.
The ground beneath is adorned with grit, and the moon's surface catches prismatic light from the object above.

Through the dynamic brilliance of "SOL" and the static radiance of "LUNA," this installation embodies timeless modern beauty and spirituality, drawing on the contrast between their presence and appearance.

"SOL / LUNA" was showcased at the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival 21st – HORIZON – in the emirate of Sharjah, on the outskirts of Dubai.

Sharjah Art Museum